Implementation Guide

Who Installs the Widget?

The TripProximity Toolkit provides any company, venue or event manager with the ability to embed trip planning in your website, blog or application. The Toolkit allows you to customize the widget and then grab the HTML code snippet.

This can be done by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog or profile on a social media site.  This might be a webmaster, administrator or your marketing firm.

What can I do with the widget?

In its simplest use, a company can create a VISIT US page on their blog by pasting the TripProximity plug-in into their website.   In this case the plug-in would be hard coded with the venue name and address.

You can also “trip-enable” any event. Again, the plug-in would be hard coded with the event name, the event date and the address of the venue.

Additionally, our enterprise clients may customize the plug-in within their application to seamlessly provide trip planning to the users of their platform.  In this case, the enterprise client substitutes their data for the event date, event name, venue address and travel date variables.  This is done in real time, making it very easy for event attendees or travelers to a venue to find hotels in close proximity to the venue.

How long does it take to install?

This product is free and for a single venue or event, the widget can be built, customized and installed in literally minutes.

Enterprise clients that have a software product that is provided to clients can embed our product into your system in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or months.  Solutionz provides you with a dynamic version of our widget that contains variables.  Your developer simply writes a script to replace the variable names with the elements from your own system.

Who uses the widget?

The traveler is the ultimate user of the TripProximity widget.

The travel dates will default to the check-in/travel date specified in the plug-in and the user may override them.  These dates can be tied to an event date or may just be a number of days from today.

For a hotel room, the traveler enters the number of rooms that they need and specifies the number of adults and children and then the system checks availability for hotels within proximity to the address embedded in the plug-in (the system needs to translate the address into latitude/longitude, which is required by the booking engine to do the search).

The traveler can optionally narrow their search by Hotel Brand and by Number of Stars.

For driving directions, the system pre-fills the destination (your location or event) and the traveler enters where they are coming from.  They may optionally book a car.

For air tickets, the system prefills the destination airport.  This may be customized in the widget code, if your preferred airport is different from your location city.

TripProximity Getting Started

Click on the image to download a copy of our Getting Started guide.