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easy or hardDid you ever see something that was harder than it should be?  That is how our founder, Chicke Fitzgerald, views how the travel industry approaches booking your trip.

The travel industry has historically blazed a trail ahead of other industries.  In fact, Fitzgerald’s first book was eCommerce Pioneers, a history of the global distribution of travel.  But now, that early leadership role has become an Achilles heel, with the industry holding on to the status quo- providing booking tools for air travelers, which make up just 11% of all overnight trips taken in the US.

The underlying technology in the travel industry, built in the late 1970s, was amazing at finding hotels near city centers and airports.  This worked well for business travelers and even those on vacation.  But that represents just 25% and 8% of US travelers respectively.

The bulk of travel is what we call “life travel”.  Easily said, it is everything that is not vacation or business.  And the commonality for all of the different flavors of life travel is that the traveler knows precisely where he or she is going.

At TripPlanz we believe that precision in matters when you are planning a trip.  Finding a hotel near an airport or a city center is just not good enough anymore.

So we did something about it.  Our widgets allow anyone to add trip planning to a website or blog, or an HTML email.  You can trip enable an article, a location, an event, a photo or a video.  Let us show you how.

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TripPlanz is a product of Solutionz Technologies.

The Solutionz brand is all about innovation and differentiation – in technology solutions, as well as in business models and in the whole approach to planning and booking travel.

We have served many of the industry’s top travel and technology companies and we are known as experts in global travel distribution.  In fact, our founder literally wrote the book on Global Travel Distribution and Multi-Channel Distribution.

Executive Team

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Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO

Chicke Fitzgerald

Founder and CEO Solutionz Holdings

Game changing strategist, technologist and radio show host – zigging where others zag

Chicke spent the first half of her career working for industry leading travel distribution technology and telecom companies. If you have ever made a travel booking online or checked in for a flight, chances are Chicke worked for one of the companies that pioneered that technology.


She founded Solutionz in 1996 and has provided strategic advisory services to many well known brands and has also .  In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Chicke is an author and hosts the Game Changer radio show, focused on innovation and growth strategies.

Tony Torres

Director Client Engagement

Tony joined Solutionz in 2016 after a 15-year career with Apple Computer.  He is responsible for providing support to our sales and business development teams and to manage client implementation, rollout and engagement.

As a senior leader and program manager for Apple, Tony increased solutions sales across Retail, Solution and B2B customers selling through multiple channels and covering 60+ partners and 3300+ POS Locations. Tony is passionate about the customer experience and what is important to clients and end users alike, looking at situations with a fresh eye, implementing creative approaches and supporting our clients to reach their peak potential.

Caryn Smith

Caryn Smith

Interim CFO and Strategic Consultant

Caryn provides strategic advisory services to Solutionz Technologies and is a member of the Solutionz Holding board of directors.  Caryn has supported Chicke in a number of early stage ventures, providing strategic advice, financial modeling and fund raising support.

Caryn brings to Solutionz Technologies over 25 years of executive level operational, financial and consulting experience with start-up and established corporate businesses. This includes experience and expertise in private equity, as a CFO, in business planning and strategy. International experience includes Canada, the UK, the European Union and the Middle East.

Board and Advisory Board

Peter Giamalva

Chairman of the Board

Olivier Houri

Investor, Board Member and Acting COO

John Richards

Senior Advisor, Advisory Board

Jody Newman

Jody Newman

Advisory Board Member and Acting Chief Legal Counsel